Consultant Experience
UAA has experienced in accompanying and giving consultancy to several small and medium enterprises (SME) and industries with export orientation, such as :

Adji Mas, Semarang
Adji Mas is a small industry which has been awarded UPAKARTI award in 1992, as the biggerst local kapok fiber exporter in Indonesia . UAA succeded to bring this industry to get a grant from Rockefeller foundation, USA to develop kapok fiber's tree prime seed in java through biotechnology (SEAMEO BIOTROP, Bogor).

Gizitatapangan Sejahtera, Bandung
Gizitatapangan Sejahtera is a biscuit & chocolate producer, which has been exporting its most product to Singapore, Philippines, Hongkong, Kuwait, and United emirate Arab . It produces licensed-brands such as MICKEY's DISNEY, CHOCO SNACK, COCONE, ORE-ORE . Hannomann Motor Works, Jakarta, Hannomann Motor Works is a medium scale automotive company, car-spare-parts and accessories distributor, and anti rust products business . Until now, UAA has been giving consultancy in its product development, marketing strategy, negotiation and human resources development

Pillus Carmma Mandiri, Jakarta
Pillus Carmma Mandiri is a medium scale company produces bag and accessories, made of animal's leather . It exports its products to abroad i.e. Europe, Japan, New Zealand and Singapore, licensed by SIMONE BOUE, PILUSS & ANDINI . UAA has been giving consultancy in marketing and promotion, product management and development .

Siantan Suryatama, Pontianak
Siantan Suryatama is a local-small-scale industry which produces charcoal . It buys coconut shells from local people to produce the charcoal . UAA has been giving consultancy in production technology, packaging and exporting for briquettes products with licenses of COCOCHA, FLITS, ECOBRIQUE, etc .


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