Consultancy Services
United Archipelago & Associates ( UAA ) is a consultant services company, specialized on feasibility study, consultancy and project management of exportoriented small and medium enterprises ( SME ), including feasibility analysis, pratical management, evaluation and integrated project monitoring.
UAA has special expertise in running integrated corporate program between small & big scale industry and enterprises. UAA integrates many disciplines and fields to have a comprehensive design of project up to its realisation and monitoring.
UAA has also been improving the possibility of integration aand business relation to international market access.

Clients Representation
UAA takes part as the partner-consultant in private sector, BUMN ( State-Owned Enterprises ) and banking, in doing feasibilty analysis of small-scale industries up to medium ones for a credit or loan program.
For the investors, UAA will provide support in developing business opportunity, which has been integrated : feasible in all its aspects and has been run and organized by UAA staffs.

The beneficiaries of UAA consultancy cover many fields of projects and business in small & medium scale, home industries, and also small-scale handicraft industries.

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Head Office
The Ambassador,
5th Floor Studio I
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio
Jakarta Pusat

Branch Office
Jl. Berdikari Kav 2 Palmerah.
Keb. Lama Jakarta 11540
Tel : +6221 5322190-92
Fax: +6221 5306585