.....Produced by: ..... Siantan Suryatama PT.,
Energomas Primanesia PT., Agrocarbon Mfg & Industries Corp.




Product Features

COCOCHA®, is a high is a high quality barbecue fuel, is an acronym from COCOnut Shell CHArcoal briquettes.

Highest Calorific Value. COCOCHA® is not flammable and burns with a short heat wave and a higher temperature than wood or coal based charcoal and charcoal briquettes. This short wave, higher temperature cooks meat faster, sealing in the natural juice that produces better tasting, more succulent barbecued meat. Because it is non flammable, COCOCHA® is very different from other charcoal/charcoal briquette products that are usually flammable and can leave carcinogenic carbon deposit on the food being cooked.

Safe For Your Health. COCOCHA® will not harm your health in any way as it made from a food grade product, even the material used to 'bind' the briquettes is made from vegetable products. COCOCHA® does not contain dangerous chemicals or mineral that can be found in charcoal derived from products such as coal or wood and are therefore safe to use when using it to cook for your family and friends.

Ash Content. COCOCHA® produces about 60% less ash than ordinary charcoal or charcoal briquettes. The small amount of ash that remains is quite heavy so it remains in the bottom of your barbecue and will not contaminate your meat.

Economical. Tests have shown that 1 kg of COCOCHA® is enough to cook 1,000 sticks of satay or 4 whole chickens, so 10 kgs would be enough to cook 10,000 sticks of satay or 40 whole chickens.

Environmentally Friendly. COCOCHA® is pure coconut shell charcoal that has been burnt in kilns to make charcoal. The charcoal is granulated and formed into briquettes that are held together by a vegetable binder. Coconut shell is discarded as a waste product after the coconut meat has been removed for use in the copra industry. Not a single tree is cut down nor a gram of mineral mined to produce COCOCHA®, so by using this extremely environmentally friendly product you are making a positive contribution to the preservation of our tropical rainforests and the endangered species of animals that live in them.

Product Specifications:

- Moisture Content = 8 - 10% Maximum.
- Volatile Matter = 15 - 17% Maximum.
- Ash Content = 5 - 6% Maximum.
- Fixed Carbon = 70% Minimum.
- Calorific Value = 6,900 to 7,000 Kcal/Kg.