.....Produced by: ..... Siantan Suryatama PT.,
Energomas Primanesia PT., Agrocarbon Mfg & Industries Corp.




Company Profiles

Name of the Company 


PT. Siantan Suryatama

Business Activities


Production and Export of charcoal briquettes.



Located in Pontianak, West Borneo.

  • Employees = 200 persons.
  • Plant and equipment = 9 processing machines
  • Kilns = 40 units
  • Capacity = 42,800 Ton of briquettes per year (Includes the production of  the second factory, Energomas Primanesia).



December 23rd, 1985



US$ 600,000.00

Business turnover


US$ 8,000.000.00 (in 1999)

Directors and Managers


  • Mr. Bambang W. Koesoema (President)
  • Mrs. Sylvia S. Utama (Finance Director)
  • Mr. R. Rudyanto Utama (Production Director)
  • Mr. Bayu Jatnika (Operations & Marketing Manager)
  • Mr. Mathias Ola (Accounting & Finance Manager)



  1. Bank Nasional Indonesia 1946, Jakarta.
  2. Bank Dagang Bali, Jakarta.
  3. Bank Central Asia, Jakarta.
  4. PANIN Bank, Jakarta.

Associations Memberships


  1. Member of SUMIYAKI-NO-KAI (Japanese charcoal producers association).
  2. Member of EKONID (Deutsch-Indonesische Industrie und Handelskammer).
  3. Member of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce ID No.: AB.341.VI


The company was established in 1985 as a manufacturer of coconut shell charcoal briquettes with Mr. Rudyanto Utama as the Plan Director and Mr. Bambang Koesoema as the President and the current C.E.O. Mr. Bambang Koesoema is a past President Director of Eurasia United & Corporations (the Euro-Asia Business Corporation).

In 1999 business turnover of The Company has reached US$8,000,000 per annum. Since that time The Company has achieved substantial growth by continually expanding the number of product lines and export destinations for charcoals and charcoal briquettes from Indonesia.



December 1985 : Established The Company in Pontianak, with capital of US$600,000
March 1987 : Opened marketing Office in Jakarta.
November 1987 : Set up a warehouse in Jakarta for a repackaging process.
September 1993 : Expanded and enlarged the repackaging warehouse in Jakarta.
December 1995 : Discontinued producing wood charcoal and charcoal briquettes made from mangrove trees in accordance with new Government regulations.
July 1996 : Commenced the production of ‘Leban’ wood charcoal as an improved high grade product to replace the use of mangrove trees.
December 1999 : Business turnover reaches US$ 8,000.000 per annum.



MAIN PRODUCTS : Charcoal briquettes made of 100% coconut shell or mixed with wood & sawdust as required by purchaser.

INDUSTRIAL : Granulated coconut shell and wood charcoal.

AGRICULTURAL : Green charcoal mixed with compost for use as a fertilizer.



The Company’s products have been sold and exported to:
Europe :

Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Germany, U.K., France Switzerland & Italy,

North America: U.S.A. including Hawaii & Canada
Pacific Region:  Australia, New Caledonia and Fiji,
Asia :  Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong & Singapore,
Middle East : Saudi Arabia, Kuwait & Dubai.


COCOCHA® for Charcoal Briquettes

ECOBRIQUE® for Charcoal Briquettes

BRAVO!®  for Charcoal Briquettes

ECOHEAT® for Charcoal Briquettes