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What is Modular Construction ?
Commercial Modular Buildings are defined as those non-residential structures which are 60 to 100 percent factory built in a modular unit, designed to be built in one location and used in another.
Combining the design flexibility of traditional building methods with the quality of controlled manufacturing, the industry has refined a construction process which provides speed, economy and architectural aesthetics.
Modular Buildings have been used for hotels, hospitals, educational facilities, daycare centers, correctional facilities, airports, military installations, retail businesses, restaurants, police stations and multi-function spaces. Some facilities are used as an addition to existing bu
ildings while others are stand alone structures.

Flexibility and reutilization are the hallmarks of modular products. Unlike structures built on-site, which generally have a fixed purpose and utilization design, modular units fulfill a unique fun
ction but are then available for relocation and reuse.
It is not unusual to have a building serve during it's lengthy life-span as a construction site office, a real estate sales office, a work station on airport tarmac, a temporary police station and an automobile sales office. The options for re-use are limitless.

ODULLA, closed panel combination patented for easily exported homes. Exporter finds smooth shipping with Standardizing End Frames. First volume order proves merits of "Standardizing End Frames".

NUKLEA are aggressively pursuing export market. Mobile modular housing is the best international housing value for these reasons.


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