PT. Piluss Andini Exporindo

Jl. Berdikari Kav 2
Palmerah. Keb. Lama
Jakarta 11540
Tel : +6221 530  6586 / 530 8976
Fax: +6221 530 6585

PT. PILUSS ANDINI EXPORINDO, was founded in 1988 in Jakarta. At first, PILUSS making custom-made leather garment for local and  dominantly Japanese customers. Bags and accessories were only secondary products. At the time, we worked out of a rented house in Tomang, West Jakarta.  In all they are exactly seven 'butterfly' type sewing machines  and basic hand tools in the workshop - which was the garage. The sewers were paid per piece basis, the quality was OK, but never consistent.

Neither a designer nor a production manager by training, PILUSS was very determined to learn about leather, designs and production. Even with a hectic schedule of running the workshop, she reserved time to be able to participate in seminars, training and trade shows of national and international, that  related to leather goods. Luckily, there were many such programs available through the Export Support Board (ESB) of Indonesia, and international programs such as from CIDA (Canada), GTZ (Germany), OSEC (Switzerland) and ASEAN CENTRE (Japan). For a small company, the sum total of financial and technical assistance were invaluable.

Looking back, the running point for PILUSS was the decision to concentrate in making bags and accessories instead of leather garments. This had major impact in the entire chain of design, production and marketing strategy. The production process was changed form piece work to a production line system introduced by a leather goods production consultant hired by ESB. Much more than a major change in factory layout, the retaining of workers took almost a year to accomplish. Since PILUSS is a committed to produce high quality products, the supervisors and workers went through a series of training ran by consultant and designers hired by aid Agencies, in Technical Assistance Scheme. Through these hand-on training they are learned the finer techniques of leather goods manufacturing, in a flexible production line system.

Though PILUSS has team of designers, the creations, frankly, are rather difficult to sell to the export market. A big disadvantage is the local designers are just too far away from the fashion and market trends. The best design inputs are always from the buyers  themselves, who are well informed of the latest design and fashion trends in their own markets. This is basically how PILUSS collection was developed over the years. Now the strategy for product development is to work with a designer who has excellent designs and proven commercial success.

Export marketing for PILUSS has been a major undertaking in terms of investment, time and efforts. In addition to participating a local trade fairs. PILUSS had also participated in international trade fairs such as Hong Kong's Leather Goods and Paris' Semaine Du Cuir. To keep up with the latest trend, Sylvia with her highly supportive husband travel extensively to attend other international events such as Mipel in Milan, Bologna Leather Fair, Offenbach and others. These visits are also good opportunities to develop new trade contacts . Based on this experience, it's not sufficient just to put little advertising here and there and then wait for buyer's inquiry to come in. To date PILUSS has been exporting to Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Germany, The Netherlands and France. In the local market, PILUSS has several retail outlets and also direct 'door to door' sales force.

In a country with rich tradition in arts and crafts, PILUSS is developing a new series of design, under the ANDINI brand. The idea is to integrate the ethnic designs of hand-woven textile, woven rattan and bamboo with leather, making them into fine functional products. Hence, to complement the genuine leather collections under PILUSS and SIMONE BOUÉ brands, ANDINI is an ethnic line targeted to the tourist segment of the market.



Jalan Berdikari Kav. 2, ( Jalan Mesjid Al-Anwar )
Palmerah, Kebayoran Lama, 
Jakarta 11540 - INDONESIA
Phone : +62-21 530 8976, 530 6586
Facsimile : +62-21 530 6585, 530 5302

Year of Establishment : 1988

Staff & workers : 80 persons

Contact Person : Sylvia S. Utama (Managing Director)

Export to : Europe, Japan, Asia & Australia

Production volume :

- Leather Bags 2000 pieces / month
- Leather Garment 1000 pieces / month
- Rattan Bags 1000 pieces / month
- Small leather goods 2500 pieces / month

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