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High Quality

Eurasia and United Corporations ( EUC ) is an amalgamation of 31 Indonesian companies who have joined forces to facilitate international trade of Indonesian goods; promotes the growth of small and medium size firms; increases non-oil exports; and establishes Indonesia as a reliable supplier of high quality, hand-made goods. In Europe, Japan & USA as a dynamic marketing company, EUC will simplify business transactions between buyers and Indonesian producers by bridging the communication gap. Indonesia boasts an abundant and exotic variety of natural resources, including the worldís largest supply of rattan. This, in a conjunction with a rich tradition of decorative art, skilled craftsmanship, a thriving artisanal community, and a vast labor pool, makes for the most outstanding and unique hand-made products in the world.


The Piluss Collection: Contemporary Fashions for the discriminating buyer of suede and leather. Piluss is a subsidiary of EUC and a manufacturer of a wide range of high quality suede and leather clothing.

Every design is carefully made with specially selected, genuine leather.

Every piece of clothing is created by experienced, skilled hands.

Every style represents an exclusive classic, an expression of individuality.

Every look makes a unique statement.

"Itís unconventional, itís independent, itís classic, itís Piluss"

Piluss makes use of variety of the best suede and leather, both Indonesian and imported. These top quality materials are transformed into beautiful clothes with imagination, flair, and craftsmanship.

Unique Design

Handling high quality leather and suede requires a particular skill, that is different from handling other materials. Piluss pays special attention and takes care to the detail, quality, and design of all itís products.

New, contemporary, high fashion designs incorporates traditional motifs which are rich in imagination.

The Piluss Collection fulfills the requirements of men and women who want exclusiveness, high quality and individuality. The product line includes everything from clothing ( dresses, skirts, suits and jackets ) to accessories ( traveling bags, purses, wallets, and jewelry ) in a wide range of attractive colors.

For those individuals with exclusive taste, who knows a classic work possessing dignity and originally, The Piluss Collection is for you.

We work with

  • Small, and medium size producers who have demonstrated an established expertise in high quality goods and excellent craftsmanship but who may lack experience and capital for exporting.

  • Producers who demonstrate a willingness to comply with design innovation and prompt delivery.

  • Producers who have a commitment to skill training and fair wages for workers and crafts people.

  • Producers who are responsible in managing the natural resources and the raw materials used in production.

  • Producers who show enthusiasm for entering the international marketplace but who have been herewith unable to.

We invest in business development to help them grow.

The Piluss Advantage

  • Professional management with technical expertise.

  • Foreign design consultants.

  • Established in 1988 with modern equipment.

  • Specialist in suede embroidery.

  • Imported clasps, zippers, buckles, and buttons.

  • Prompt delivery schedule.

  • Export experience and reliable service.

  • Regular participation in international exhibitions.


Visit our representative offices in Jakarta, Rotterdam, Paris & New York.